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At E Com, we work closely with our partners to provide the highest quality of chairs and stools. Through our partner program, we maintain quality customer service and direct communication with every partner.

We can export our catalog in a format that can be imported into an existing catalog, or we can emulate the style of an existing website and integrate the catalogue into that site.

E Com maintains the entire inventory at no cost to our partners’ companies. We ship our chairs and stools directly to your customers equipped with your logo, packaging and labels.

The online catalog is customizable for separate quotes. (Quotes go directly to the customer. )


What People say about us

Customizable Base products in our catalog
(allows for over 65,000 individual chairs and stools)
within 0
Days to receive and fulfill order
years of warranty

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more benefits

Partnership includes custom branded labeling, assembly instructions & more, at no cost.

Did you know we have an app for that?

Customize your chair through our intuitive, easy-to-use app. Special features for the app include a login specifically branded for your company.

become a partner

To become a partner, reach out to us by emailing or by calling (888)696-8951